Licensed Customs Broker
International Freight Forwarder



 * Licensed Customs Broker (Licence No.: 2214).
 * Fully integrated Customs clearance facility - processing available 24 / 7.

 * Customs clearance - Air, Sea, Parcel Post - for any Australian destination.
 * Paperless clearance - just send your Carrier to collect after our involvement.

 * Continuous connection to the Australian Customs Service ICS system.
 * Direct Sea Cargo Reporting (SCR)  with Customs - accredited SCR providers.
 * 38 Years Industry experience with Nominee Agent's licence held since 1986.
 * Electronic clearance / duty payment with the Australian Customs Service.


   Above Photo: Customs House, Sydney

There has been a Customs House in Sydney since 1800 when Governor King first established that revenue from imported goods should be collected. However, it was not until 1885 that the building we know today as Customs House, Sydney was built. It opened in 1887 to commence over 100 years of service as the head office of the Collector of Customs in New South Wales.


When the Commonwealth Government took over the function of Customs in 1901, Customs House, Sydney, continued to operate as the head office of New South Wales operations until 1988. It was finally closed down on 15 June 1990. The first Customs House on this site was built in 1810.



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